Stacy Family

Stacy Family

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

End of school year Awards Assembly

SO proud of these amazing kids of ours and all their hard work to do well in school!! They both ended the school year strong with academic awards and outstanding reader awards!! Kali even earned a good citizen award which makes me so happy to know she is going out of her way to help out others at school. I am truly blessed to have such amazing kids!! 

Good Bye Kindergarten!!

 Madelyn had a wonderful year of Kindergarten with the best teacher in the world Mrs. Swanson! She loved kindergarten and especially loved being in the same class with her two good friends Taya and Haley. They did a super cute end of year program for the parents and Madelyn sang every song so well!! She is so excited to be a big first grader next year but she will miss having Mrs. Swanson!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Camping fun at New Brighton Beach, Santa Cruz!!- Memorial Day Weekend

 We got invited last minute to join our friends camping in one of the best camping locations in the country!! The Thursday before Memorial Day we packed up the kids and took off for a four night camping/beach trip at New Brighton Beach, Santa Cruz!! It was a super fun filled weekend with great company and perfect weather!! We couldn't have asked for a more fun camping/beach trip! The kids loved every minute and were of course exhausted at the end of each day and all slept great in our giant tent. It was four days and nights full of fun, laughter, sand, dirt, amazing food, more fun, more dirt and great company!!!! 

 It's only day 2 and she already crashed on me at the beach for an hour! 

 Yes talent show night was hilarious and this was the only picture that turned out! haha! Crazy girl!

 Crazy mass flocks of Seagulls! yikes!

 Grabbing some Pizza My Heart pizza and t-shirts in Capitola before heading home! 
 And of course it wouldn't be a complete trip without Mary's Ice Cream!!! THE BEST!!! 

The aftermath. Worst part of camping. I think it took me three days to get through it all. BUT it was ALL worth it!! We had a BLAST and hope we can score a spot again next year!!!

Beautiful small town Lincoln, CA

 I just LOVE this little town of Lincoln that we live in! I love the trails and the little surprises we find on our walks like this beautiful sunflower!! My kids thought this was the coolest thing!! I love the amazing sunsets we get to enjoy right in our own backyard and while I run the trails in the evening! 

Mom and Daughter Activity Night fun!

Kali and I had a little too much fun together at the Mom and Daughter Activity night in May! I just love this spunky super fun daughter of mine!!! 

Happy 13 years to us!

The weekend before our anniversary - We dropped the kids off at Auntie Sheila's and headed to the City for our anniversary this year!! Thanks to Auntie Sheila and Uncle Jeff we got to enjoy a 2 night getaway to San Fran and it was SO FUN!!! Our first stop was the Oakland Temple and it was so nice to start our weekend together with a visit to one of our favorite places :) We then enjoyed visiting our favorite spots in San Fran and eating at our favorite yummy restaurants....Pier 39, the beach, Union Square shopping, and an awesome 8 mile run across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend to spend with my best friend and amazing hot husband!!!  


 On our actual anniversary day APRIL 27th, our kids surprised us with breakfast and a super special dinner set up!! They made sure to make us feel so loved!! I just LOVE these littles of ours SOOO much!!!