Stacy Family

Stacy Family

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mom's big 6-0!!

For Mom's 60th birthday this year we decided she needed a big surprise visit from her kids! What was originally going to be a girls weekend quickly turned into a siblings weekend as soon as we got word that Tyson and Eric both would be coming too!! Mom was in for a HUGE surprise and it was SO much fun pulling it all off!! Kristin and I got to travel together which made for an even more fun weekend getaway for us both. Of course we were joined by sweet little Lucy but she was such an angel you hardly noticed she was with us! haha! The weekend started out on Thursday and we had to tell mom that  me and Kristin were coming because she was trying to make other plans that weren't going to work with our big surprise weekend...SO Kathryn got to be the first real surprise since she had no idea she was coming. Next, Eric and Sarah showed up later that evening with Kelli who picked them up from the airport. But little did Mom know that that wasn't all. Tyson and Valerie drove into town and made amazing timing and got there around 11:30 pm right when Mom was turning in for the night and got caught in her moomoo and all!! 
The weekend began with an all girls morning with pedicures and shopping and lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I think Mom got sung to at least 5 times the entire weekend. We had a blast just hanging out and eating at all of our favorite Houston places and just having a blast with just sibling and mom and dad and none of our kids! (well except for Lucy and Marshall who were angels).... Happy 60th Mom!!
Let the Surprises begin!!!



 Going home!!! 
Someone is happy to have her mommy back ;)

My baby started Preschool

Our sweet Lilly started Preschool in September and she couldn't have been more excited!! We just love this sweet, fun, silly, energetic little girl of ours!! I'm so glad she was so excited to start school but at the same time a little sad. How could my baby already be this old?!?!! She is going to preschool just two days a week for two hours and its been a perfect fit for her! She loves Ms. Holly and her class of 5 other little girls!

Labor Day Fishing Derby!

This year for Labor Day we signed our kids up to do this super fun FREE Fishing Derby right here in our little town of Lincoln. It was so fun and the kids had a blast!! They had these nice older men going around and helping all the kids bait their hooks and release the fish when they caught one. It was awesome because then I didn't have to touch the slimy fish once!! Haha!